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PostSubject: A PURE PVE GUIDE FOR SNIPER   Sat Feb 13, 2016 10:56 pm

Hi everyone , it's me again weyolonow Very Happy
Umm this guide will be for SNIPER a very good dps class in dragon nest in both pvp and pve but today i'll just talk about pve part Surprised
So let find out how this char work , first of all , the skill build :

" />

*Twin shot : A good skill to spam , fast cd , fast skill action speed , average dmg
*Rage of the owl : really good buff for pt from snip , everyone need crit Very Happy
*Charged shot : this is the skill that i love most in bowmaster tree , good dmg, long rage , fast action cast speed when u got this skill EX version and it'll be more faster when u get - 50 % action speed for this skill . But the most important part is , u can cast this skill in a very different style , i will talk about it later  Cool
*Aerial chain shot : this skill work well with big bosses , high dmg ( if u hit all arrows) , aerial skill good for dodge boss mechanic and it's look very cool when i cast this skill  Laughing
*Siege stance : ah a legend skill of bowmaster , this skill make BM-SNIPER become a good dps class , high dmg output , long range , the only weakness is the action speed of this skill very slow and it can put u in danger if u cast it when boss mechanic happen  Mad
*Arrow shower : not much thing to say about this skill , normal dmg , long range cast , but sometime it can put u in hard situation and it requir a caculation of range from player , it's only good when u have the EX arrow shower and then u can stop this skill by using special attack button to release explosive arrows .
*Arrow barrage : ultimate skill of sniper , fast casting skill , good dmg , easy to use , long range Very Happy
*Scope arrow lv6 : u will spam this skill time and time so lv 6 is good , normal dmg
*Tracking arrow : omg this skill look badass , u dont even need to face your enemy to this them , the arrows will do the job of aiming for you  lol! anyway this skill have very good dps , but u need to use it carefully if u want to hit the right target because it'll find the nearest monster to hit
*Bulls eye : +20 % dmg to the aimed target , why not ?
*Spiritual focus and Sylph's aid : they're both good to boost your dmg , take them without question cheers
*Longbow mastery : this skill is depend in which style of weapon u use shortbow or longbow , but i recomend longbow for long range skill like charged shot
*Fake shot : we must have this skill lv1 for instant skill siege stance
*Striangle shot : this skill good to cast with aerial chain shot , it's make your aerial time longer and u can dodge many skill of mods with this skill
*Critical break : very nice passive skill , make your crit dmg stronger , suit with sniper class with high crit rate
*Cheating point : this skill can use to lure mobs but it's also give +50% FD , and the dmg this good

-Skill plates build should be : Aerial chain shot +20% dmg , Charged shot - 50% action speed , Critical break + 20% crit dmg , siege stance incre attack power strenght by 20%

-stats plate will be : wind , destruction , fatal , bear , tent , attack plate ( or maybe healthy for survival) , life

+ talis :
- 200%: wind , des
- 175%: fatal , bear
- 125%: healthy, life
- 100%: tent , ironwall

*SNIPER combo should be : ( all buff active first ) then bulls eye in the target and burst all your dps skill  lol! . But u should mention about wind arrow point that make your charged shot in to wind shot

-tips and tricks : you can cast aerial chain shot when jump by hiting normal attack button
*you can cast triangle shot then cast aerial chain shot to have more aerial time
                      * you should use arrow shower first to gain wind arrow more faster
                       * remember to use bulls eye on the target u ready to burst down

- Since sniper is a hard class to master with , you need to spend alot of time to get use to the skills , how to handle bosses mechanic , etc , ... and then if u can master this class , there will be no boss that u cant take down with your bow .
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Age : 21
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PostSubject: Re: A PURE PVE GUIDE FOR SNIPER   Sat Feb 13, 2016 11:11 pm

Jade build should be balance in wind vit and wind crit . item build should be coma armors for more defend and nightmare weapon for crit dmg that work good with sniper . 2 or 3 parts of rdn is recomended but if u dont have lv 80 high jade , you shouldnnt buy rdn item .
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Steel Member
Steel Member

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PostSubject: Re: A PURE PVE GUIDE FOR SNIPER   Sun Feb 14, 2016 3:59 pm

comparison (for pve and some pvp) ^^
1.) i maxed my charged shot because wind shot Smile
2.) i have rev ballista for respawn purposes
3.) sacrificed some sp from arrow shower and twin shot for ankle shot (pvp purposes) since i only use my arrow shower to gain wind arrows
4.) getting scope arrow/swift shot/tracking arrows still dependent on skill rotation. i took swift shot because it's in my skill rotation and it has good (or maybe better) damage...but risky to use.

my pve skill rotation: arrow shower --> bull's eye --> sylph --> cheating point --> wind shot--> recoil to triangle shot + acs towards monster --> swift shot --> fake shot to siege instant, wind shot again.

rings: cheating point and ankle shot skill rings
earrings : siege stance skill earring
necklace: wind benedict (haha i hate cauda necklace)

skill plates: charged shot (AS), arrow barrage(dmg pve)/ankle shot(cd pvp), cheating point(cd), critical break (crit damage)

err just click inspect when you see me in town for comparison haha
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PostSubject: Re: A PURE PVE GUIDE FOR SNIPER   Sun Feb 14, 2016 6:43 pm

Nice thou i have sniper
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